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Diverse scheduled services to destinations in Northern Europe, Southern Europe and the UK

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Optimal accessibility for short sea shipping

CCT’s 600-metre quay offers ample room for the efficient handling of several shortsea ships side by side. With 8 multifunctional cargo handling cranes, we can unload and load ships quickly and efficiently.


For several renowned shortsea shipping companies, CCT is a strategic Northwest European port of call. From here, they operate regular scheduled services to several destinations in Northern Europe, Southern Europe and the UK. Tramp shipping, too, can count on CCT for optimal handling at any time.


Free from locks or tides, CCT is always accessible for shortsea ships with drafts of up to 9 metres. From the North Sea, every shortsea ship can be moored at CCT within 3.5 hours.

Strategically located

between two major seaports


The Port of Moerdijk is located close to the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp. From Moerdijk, goods can easily and quickly be forwarded to these two major seaports. This unique location contributes to CCT’s success.