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First barge with 100% sustainable biofuel for Heineken

Renewable fuels pioneer GoodFuels and partner REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker have for the first time completely bunkered the Combined Cargo Terminals (CCT) inland shipping barge ‘For Ever’ with 100% advanced biofuel. This delivery demonstrates the ease of use of advanced biofuels and achieves significant CO2 savings.

The aim of GoodFuels, Reinplus Fiwado Bunker and CCT is to demonstrate that emissions from inland shipping can be reduced quickly and easily without any modifications to either ship or engine. Compared to using fossil fuels, up to 90% CO2 reduction can be achieved. In addition, biofuels also reduce local emissions. While sailing, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) are measured. The 100% biofuel delivery is the continuation of a successful pilot project with HEINEKEN in 2017, which sailed with a 30% fuel mix. This extensive project is made possible by funding from the temporary stimulus package “Clean inland shipping and sustainable logistics in Rotterdam” and is again supported by the EICB (Expertise and Innovation Centre for Inland Shipping), in cooperation with the Rotterdam Port Authority, which also sails on biofuel.


GoodFuels advanced biofuel is made from sustainable, certified waste streams. It is a premium quality, fossil-free, synthetic biofuel and an easy-to-use drop-in replacement for fossil fuels. This 2nd generation biofuel does not allow bacteria to form and can be used in its pure form directly in diesel engines, without any modifications to the ship or tank infrastructure. As such, CCT is once again demonstrating that large investments are not required to run on biofuel and to contribute directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Last week GoodFuels already announced that, in cooperation with IKEA, CMA CGM and the GoodShipping Program, they are going to start a similar project for sea transport.


CCT is continuously working to reduce its carbon footprint; testing alternative fuels is part of that. This demonstration is part of ‘Groene Corridor’, a collaboration between HEINEKEN, CCT, the province of South-Holland, Wageningen Environmental Research and the Rotterdam Port Authority to develop sustainable logistics. By now more than 30 partners are working on the shared ambition to make the transport routes in the area between Zoeterwoude and the port of Rotterdam climate-neutral, clean, efficient, economically sustainable and in keeping with the environment. CCT offers sustainable transport solutions to clients such as HEINEKEN, which uses the inland shipping barge ‘For Ever’ to transport beer from the HEINEKEN brewery in Zoeterwoude to the deep-sea terminals in the port of Rotterdam.


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